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Travel options: Waterloo to Toronto

June 2, 2017

Although GO Transit continues to ramp up the number of buses and trains (currently 4, plus 2 VIA, in each direction) to Kitchener on weekdays, there are no trains from Kitchener or Waterloo to Toronto suitable for a weekday evening trip. GO has viable bus service, but buses may get stuck in traffic. Let's ignore, for now, the fact that the GO train takes 2h10.

Here are the options:

Leaving Kitchener in the morning

If you can find something to do in Toronto during the day, then you can take VIA Rail at 9:18AM and arrive at 10:53AM (so a 1h35 train ride). This will be more expensive than GO.

Leaving Kitchener in the afternoon

The options are GO ($17 one-way) or Greyhound ($24 round-trip advance-purchase).

Returning to Toronto in the evening

Same options. For reasons that are unclear to me, there is an eastbound Via Rail train leaving Kitchener at 9pm. Seems impossible to connect with anything.

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