Warm lights in the Airbnb bedroom FTW

Posted by Patrick Lam on Sunday, February 20, 2022

Last time I tried to stay at my parents’ place, it didn’t work great: my mom tends to get up at midnight and start cooking. I can totally pay for my own accommodation even if I’m perhaps sometimes cheap. So I found an airbnb two metro stations from their place, near Langelier metro.

The Airbnb is good value. It’s not expensive ($50/night all in), and it’s not fancy. In these COVID times, the separate bathroom in particular is nice, because it means that I can just hide in the suite most of the time and put on a mask in the rare event that I need to traverse the common spaces. I could cook there, but it’s better to cook at my parents’ place.

But it turns out that I’m picky about some things (just a few), like colour temperature. I’m not universally picky! Just about selected things.

I guess that when you get pot lights you have fine-grained control over colour temperature. For LED light bulbs, though, usually you have two choices: “cool white” (aka “daylight”; typically 5000K) or “soft white” (typically 2700K).

I hate cool white!!! Especially in bedrooms. Argh! Hate hate hate. It’s harsh, there’s too much blue, and I understand blue light is really not good for sleep. We actually have a very orange light in the bedroom back at home. Maybe cool white OK for bathrooms because it “looks clean”, but even then, I have doubts (you brush your teeth just before bed, right?)

Anyway, so I wanted to do something about the colour temperature situation. I thought about showing up at my parents’ house and rummaging for a better light bulb, but I didn’t.

The airbnb is right across the street from a Walmart, grocery store, and pharmacy.

  • I’m sure the Walmart could help, but it was closed at 7pm (huh).
  • I would expect the grocery store to have light bulbs—they usually have a small hardware section—but I failed to find them.
  • The prarmacy did have light bulbs, but all they had in stock for LEDs was a cool white. Wait, that doesn’t get me any further ahead.

Drat! Failed! Back to the airbnb.

I looked around some more and investigated the light bulbs in detail. The one in the bedroom was the cool white CFL which I hated. The one in the dining room area in my suite was an incandescent (hence warm). I started swapping them… but then I realized that the light bulb in the corner of the bathroom was a warm white LED. Victory!

I put the incandescent in the bathroom, the CFL in the dining room, and the LED in the bedroom.

Fixed! Warm bedroom light, cool dining room, incandescent bathroom.

Ahh! So much calmer and better. Seriously!