West Coast Again, May 2021: Christchurch (May 21-22)

Posted by Patrick Lam on Saturday, May 29, 2021

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Last year Elliott and I went to the West Coast for the Queen’s Birthday) weekend. Victoria Day is a bit earlier but the Canterbury Open was basically on the Victoria Day long weekend (not a holiday in NZ!) and I figured it would be a good chance to get out to the West Coast again, though coming from Christchurch rather than Wellington, and a bit further south than last time.

Friday May 21

13.5kg took the bus to near WLG and walked to the terminal decided to check a bag left the powerbank in the checked bag, remembered that AvSec doesn’t like that anymore. asked the friendly lounge staff to help, she called many places and sent me to the baggage desk, who then called AvSec, and I got the bank back, so that I could bring it on my person past security. Total time: 20 minutes. (Take that, YYZ) arrived at CHC, got my stuff noticed that sesoc was having a beginning of term social IRL streamed my walk from CHC until my battery ran out bt headpiece fell out every 10 minutes and didn’t have great volume fortunately had a powerbank! got some pretty average fish and chips at 4:30, the place was surprisingly busy (Friday evening I guess).

Saturday May 22 walked to the tournament site and then back to get coffee after Zeroes opened at 8:00 and without all my stuff refereed fought SM -66, lost in semis despite having a pin that didn’t get called won first match quickly, third match without too much trouble drove to Arthur’s Pass, had ramen for supper purchased at FreshChoice ($100 of groceries)

Sunday: To the West Coast!

Sunday, May 23: To the West Coast!

Early starts are always difficult and once again we left at the crack of 9:30 after breakfast and vacuuming the lodge. Our breakfast was mostly the salad that we had bought the day before at the grocery store. Hey, got to eat it sometime! I had been thinking of the Pororari River – Bullock Creek Road track (5–6hr, 15km round trip) but we wouldn’t have time before the Westland Petrel tour, so we needed another plan.

Fifteen minutes later, we stopped at the Otira Café, which claimed that it was the “most interesting café in New Zealand”. I was skeptical, but this is indeed plausible! One latté, one pie, and many pictures later, we continued westwards to Greymouth.

  • strongman memorial


  • went to see starfish at low tide at Truman Track (1.4km rt), Cavern, and Pancake Rocks walk (1.1km rt) Westland petrel tour with Denise (Bruce was away), endless boardwalk

no signal on the west coast