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Candidates for SE2026 2A Reps (Fall 2022)

Academic Rep (3 positions available):

SESoc Rep (3)

WiSE Rep (1)

MathSoc Rep (1)

EngSoc Rep (2)

WEEF Rep (1)

Athletic Rep (1)

Yearbook Rep (unlimited)


Will Erf

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Super excited to be running as your SESoc class rep! I <3 all things SE and really would love to be able to be the bridge between the cohort and all of the amazing things SESoc has to offer! Although I have not been an SESoc rep before, I am super involved around campus and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to apply my skillset to this role. In school, I am a part of and previously have been a part of Waterloo Rocketry. From both of these experiences, communication was absolutely crucial, and I know that as your SESoc rep I will make sure to keep information flowing to the cohort!

I hope to utilize this position to further the quality of

1. resume critiques        by pushing for a new resume critique pipeline
2. interview practice      by increasing the availability of technical mock interviews
3. cohort events              for fun

Thank you, love you
p.s. for further questions regarding the campaign please contact me at

Brandon Gartner

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Hey everyone, I’m Brandon, and I’m applying to be one of our SE Soc reps again this term. I’ve been involved with SE Soc the past two semesters, and while doing so, I organized the mentorship program for our year, and helped organize our 1B class dinner. This term, I mainly want to push for us to run a lot more in-person events for both our cohort and all the SE cohorts. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out. Thanks for your time, and good luck in 2A!

discord: Valcon#8276 

Olivia Honsinger

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Hello again everyone!

Glad to be joining you all in 2A! I’ll cut right to the chase with my qualifications and hope what I say resonates.

As many of you might know, I have two terms of experience in both these positions. This means that I have two terms of experience reaching out to faculty and have already built good relations with them! I also have good connections within SE Soc and have proven to be a reliable resource for them when it comes to organizing events.

I’m already familiar with how both positions work. In the context of an Academic Rep, I’m fully comfortable voicing opinions and feedback (even controversial ones) to faculty and listening to their propositions, doing my best to give input that I’ve observed through feedback forms and informally in our discord. In the context of SE Soc, I was able to work with the university and organize the 1B class dinner, with ~$3000 worth of funds being put towards our cohort! I’ve even helped the other reps organize their class campfires, as well as providing reliable documentation and resources I’ve used.

As always, I’m here for anyone to talk to (and if that’s not your thing, I’m more than happy to help point you in the right direction!) for various concerns — be it questions about how the universities policies and services, petitions, and other general knowledge.

I hope to be able to serve you all again! :)

Jerome Jeby Philip

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Hello! My name is Jerome and I would love to be your athletic rep for the Fall 2022 term. In our first year, we didn’t have many opportunities to bond as a cohort through sports and physical activities because of COVID. Well there’s nothing stopping us now because it’s entirely in-person and I would like to organize events/competitions based on your collective interests for this term.

A bit on my background. My favourite sport is soccer and I played competitively, both for my schools and community, for 10+ years. Also, I have some experience in running community soccer and basketball games, so I know that I can arrange events for our cohort that are both enjoyable and memorable. Please feel free to send any questions my way and thanks for hearing me out.

Hargun Mujral

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Hey all, it’s Hargun! I’m re-running for Academic and SESoc representative, so be sure to vote for me. I’ll continue to address academic concerns to faculty (as I did in our 1B term), and don’t ever hesitate to message me if there are issues this term that need to be dealt with at a class-wide level. Additionally, as SESoc rep, I will continue to run events between cohorts and promote connectivity in the student body. Shoot me a message if you have any questions and I’ll be glad to answer!

Kushal Mujral

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Hey guys! I’m running for EngSoc rep this semester and am asking for your vote. I’ll be attending the EngSoc meetings, voting on motions that benefit our class and cohort, and will be updating you routinely on any outcomes and upcoming events. I’m always open to being contacted about any questions or further information, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Madison Mussari

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Hi everyone!

My name is Madison Mussari, and I am running for the positions of EngSoc and WEEF Rep!

These are two positions I held last term and would like to take on again in 2A. Due to my previous experience in these roles, I have existing connections with faculty and university personnel. I also would not have to undergo the required training/ orientation for these positions and could get right into making decisions to best support our cohort.

Last term, I attended council meetings for EngSoc and voted on multiple matters to represent the interests of our class. Topics included:

  • Allocating funds for events (such as O-week and EngDay)
  • Working to improve students’ access to mental health resources on campus
  • Getting sponsorships for various programming.

Additionally, I coordinated with the WEEF team concerning getting extra support for our class last semester. Many students in the cohort appreciated the study sessions and office hours provided by the WEEF TAs, especially for subjects like ECE124 and ECE140. I was happy to give feedback to WEEF to allow these resources to be available for all students.

Thank you for considering me, and good luck with the rest of the term!! :)


Discord: MadisonM99

Vaishnavi Ratnasabapathy

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Hello everyone! We have finished a milestone of passing the first year and completing our first coop. I just want to say congratulations because that is a significant achievement! On to the rep elections, I have been the WiSE rep for 3 terms and would be honoured to do it for more. Now with everything in person and no restrictions, I can’t wait to make lots of memories with the women in our cohort. Whether it is a board game night, grabbing food or going uptown, we will have a good time. What we do is up to you, so don’t be afraid to reach out on discord. Give me the opportunity to give us memories! Have a good one. ❤️

Aadila Ali Sabry

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Hi. My name is Aadila. I’ve done some graphic design work in high school, and I’d like to learn some photography (on my phone! No fancy camera unfortunately). I’ll try my best to make it to as many SE events this term and will brainstorm hard with my fellow yearbook representatives to make the yearbook as funny and memorable as I can.

Kristof Sochan

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Hello SE'26! My name is Kristof Sochan and I am your faithful 1B academic rep who is returning to continue to serve you for years to come.

Last term was difficult and yet we persevered. We struggled with professors who didn’t show up and tutorials that didn’t exist. Our first co-op search and first work term this past summer was surely exciting, but not as exciting as the scheduling disasters that occurred in July and August. I greatly appreciated all your feedback and messages to send along to Victoria and Derek in our meeting to discuss these scheduling issues, and I hope all your issues were resolved before school began.

Reflecting on how I served you as academic rep this past term, while I did offer my availability at any time of night, I was unfortunately only taken up by the offer on few occasions (mostly Will Erf’s butt dials). If you recall:

(No one tried to break down my door either, very disappointing)

My pledge to serve you remains and is stronger than ever. One of the things I’ve found is we often let issues fester for a while before we set up a feedback form, but by then I know that these issues have gone on for far too long already. So, for this upcoming term something I’d like to try is more of a continuously deployed catch all feedback form to solicit advice or help from your academic reps. We will allow anonymous feedback, or, if you’d like an individual follow up for your issue, you can include your name/email. Basically I’m trying to CI/CD the academic rep pipeline.

If you have any questions on how I can serve you, please reach out. Good luck in your 2A term!

Kristof Sochan
(669) 253-0111