Patrick Lam

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Course Information: ECE 453/CS 447/CS 647 Software Testing, Quality Assurance, and Maintenance, Winter 2023

Important Dates (may change, assignment descriptions are correct)

Date Event
Jan 9 A0 out
Jan 13 A0 due
Jan 16 A1 out
Jan 30 A1 due
Jan 23 Fuzz out (see your handin repo, under the fb directory)
Feb 13 Fuzz due
Feb 13 A2 out
Feb 15 Quiz 1
Mar 6 A2 due
Mar 6 A3 out
Mar 15 Quiz 2
Apr 10 A3 due
Apr 10 Last day of lectures
Apr 10 Project due

SymEx Jupyter Notebook

Referred to in one of the videos from W22. SymEx.ipynb

Video lectures from W23 offering

Video lecture from S22 offering