Patrick Lam

Thoughts and travels of Patrick Lam

Course Information

Important Dates (may change, assignment descriptions are correct)

Date Event
May 3 A0 out
May 9 A0 due
May 10 A1 out
June 3 A1 due
May 26 Fuzz out (see your handin repo, under the fb directory)
June 13 Fuzz due (was June 10)
June 13 Quiz 1 out
June 14 A2 out
July 4 A2 due (first workday after July 1 holiday)
July 5 A3 out
July 5 Quiz 2 out
July 26 A3 due
July 26 Last class
August 5 Project due

SymEx Jupyter Notebook

Referred to in one of the videos from W22. SymEx.ipynb

Video lecture from S22 offering