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Submission to Ontario's Proposed Amendments to the Greenbelt Plan

Stop trying to mess with the GTA Greenbelt!

Submission to NZ inquiry on inter-regional passenger rail

NZ needs inter-regional passenger rail as an alternative to flying and driving for climate and other reasons. Here’s my submission to a Parliamentary inquiry, with comparisons to Canada and Switzerland.

Answers to NZ Government consultations on Adventure Activities

Following the White Island eruption, the New Zealand Government is soliciting comments on the regulation of adventure activities. Here’s what I wrote.

Letter to Canadian ministers about reducing emissions.

I’m writing as a constituent to urge Canada to take action on climate change. The recent release of the IPCC report highlights the necessity of doing what we can to fix this human-caused problem. We need to take action now as a society, and the government needs to take a leading role: this problem requires collective action, and we as individuals do not have the power to solve it on our own.

Letter to Minister Bardish Chagger

Letter to Minister Bardish Chagger My parents Dear Minister Chagger, I am writing to you as one of your constituents. I know that multiculturalism is important to you from your past involvement with the KW Multicultural Centre. Given yesterday’s deplorable news from the United States about a ban on Syrian refugees, we in Canada absolutely must take up the slack as best we can. I understand that we’re accepting a number of Syrian refugees already; way less than Germany, but more than the US, and that this number continues to increase and is slated to be higher in 2017 than in 2016.