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Museum review: Canadian Human Rights Museum / Musée pour les droits de la personne, Winnipeg

I found myself in Winnipeg for 3 days in 2023 (to referee at the Manitoba Open, which was great) and the museum is now open, so I went for a visit after lunch at the Forks. Human rights is an abstract concept, so I was interested to see how the museum would represent that in the form of exhibits.

West Coast Adventures: Thanks friends! May 2023

All over the West Coast of North America: Eastern Sierras, Seattle, Vancouver (and Squamish), and Nelson. Both work and life, too: gave a talk at UBC and UW, and did a bunch of skiing and hiking. Also bike commuting.

Urban living (2/3): Montreal

Part II: Ten days, a year, and 20 years living in Montreal.

Urban living (1/3): Kitchener/Waterloo

OK, so what do I really think about living in Kitchener, Montreal, and Wellington in 2021? Part I: Kitchener/Waterloo.

There are six eggs

Christmas Eve content you wanted: egg sizes in NZ, Canada and the US.