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West Coast Adventures: Thanks friends! May 2023

All over the West Coast of North America: Eastern Sierras, Seattle, Vancouver (and Squamish), and Nelson. Both work and life, too: gave a talk at UBC and UW, and did a bunch of skiing and hiking. Also bike commuting.

Urban living (2/3): Montreal

Part II: Ten days, a year, and 20 years living in Montreal.

Urban living (1/3): Kitchener/Waterloo

OK, so what do I really think about living in Kitchener, Montreal, and Wellington in 2021? Part I: Kitchener/Waterloo.

There are six eggs

Christmas Eve content you wanted: egg sizes in NZ, Canada and the US.

Leaving Aotearoa Part I: WLG to AKL and on to NZ6

Ma te wa—see you later, New Zealand. First half of my trip from Wellington to Montreal, covering travel from Wellington to Auckland and onto the plane to Los Angeles.