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West Coast Again, May 21-25 2021: Day 1, WLG-CHC

Last year Elliott and I went to the West Coast for the Queen’s Birthday weekend. Victoria Day is a bit earlier but the Canterbury Open was basically on the Victoria Day long weekend (not a holiday in NZ!) and I figured it would be a good chance to get out to the West Coast again, though coming from Christchurch rather than Wellington, and a bit further south than last time.

West Coast May 2021: Mount French (May 24)

I suspected that the Mount French route would be slightly marginal for daylight, since it was posted at 6-7 hours and sunset is currently at 17:15. But I thought we could do it quickly enough. The weather forecast was excellent and there were only a couple of fluffy white clouds in the sky.

Holidays: Canada vs NZ

I know what’s when in Canada, but things are completely different here. Let’s try to figure it out.

That Antipodal Life

We’ve been in Wellington for the past year and a half (!). It’s never really cold or hot here. How does that compare to Canada?