Patrick Lam

Thoughts and travels of Patrick Lam

I enjoy contributing to free software projects. Unfortunately, I somehow haven't had time to contribute anything recently. However, here are some of the projects that I've contributed to in the past.

  • Soot, a compiler framework for Java bytecode. I implemented the Grimp intermediate representation, which contains aggregated expressions (rather than the simple three-address code of Jimple). I also did general Soot hacking.
  • AbiWord, a free word processor. I contributed a number of bug fixes and the initial version of endnotes to AbiWord.
  • fontconfig, a font selection and configuration library for the X Window System. I implemented mmap-able caching for font information.
  • I developed a (GPL) formula viewer for MONA input files. It uses SableCC 3.0's ability to display ASTs using Swing.
  • I've written an o'caml backend for SableCC 3, available in diff form from Indrek Mandre's svn tree, at svn://