April: photos post

Posted by Patrick Lam on Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Let’s try something different and separate the photos post from the summary post. There will still be photos in the summary post, mostly of travels in the month. But there’s also the pictures that I’ve been doing from the backlog, which is this post. Some good progress here, though still an enormous backlog. As always, pictures are clickable to go to the full gallery. This month, I included stats on how many pictures I kept versus how many I took after the album name (x/y).

  • Sets of pictures posted: 25
  • Total pictures posted: 848
  • Total pictures in selection pool: 3299
  • Accept rate: 25.7% (min 10.8%, max 65.3%; should compute this per camera; I think multi-shots and tricky captures more common on the good cameras)
South Rim of the Grand Canyon; Grand Canyon Lodge view; kākā at Zealandia; aerial view of Tapuae-O-Uenuku; rainbow lorikeet at Botanic Garden Mount Annan; nearby red-rumped parrot; Bondi Beach in the distance; kata-guruma at Edmonton International; Makara; Arrowtown huts; Mount Barff; canoe on the Whanganui; leaving Whakahoro; four goats; kayaking a small rapid.

Grand Canyon, May 2019.

Snowy morning above the rim; conifer; Civil Engineering Landmark; Grand Canyon Lodge; cliffs like in Greece; view of Humphreys; me; Jaymie, Lucas and Ariel.

Zealandia, Wellington, and Colonial Knob; early 2021, August 2021, and August 2022.

MP and floofy cat; floofy cat; tūī; drained reservoir at Zealandia; containers from Te Ahumairangi; cow on Rangituhi/Colonial Knob; trig on Rangituhi; takahē; kākā; quail with chicks; korimako/bellbird.

Travel days for ice climbing course (July 2023):

Ice climbing gear; leaving Wellington; Queenstown accommodations; best ticket sales view; snowy South Island peaks.

Some more pictures from our Sydney trip in January/February 2024, with some big days:

WLG airport; Mana and Kāpiti islands off the Wellington coast; monarch butterfly at Mount Annan; feeding the kid rainbow lorikeet; blue skimmer; satin bowerbird; kookaburra/miner faceoff; swimming at Clovelly Beach; great cormorant (or black shag in NZ); Bondi beach.

Vancouver/Abbotsford/Toronto/Edmonton refereeing trip, February/March 2024, with some sports photography:

On campus at Simon Fraser University; back at Toronto Pearson; Joe Rockhead's; Silver Lake (Waterloo); Union Station and CN Tower; at the officials' table in Edmonton; Edmonton International matches; Air Canada and Air NZ aircraft at AKL.

Not the Cascade Saddle, March 2024:

Pig Island and Glenorchy; Ah Lum's store; uplift; new Aspiring Hut; astrophotography attempt; crag view at Wanaka; Mount Aspiring view.

Zealandia, 2024:

Toutouwai/North Island robin; yelling tieke/saddleback; pāteke/brown teal.

Whanganui Journey, March/April 2024, with phone and Lumix bridge camera:

Capital Connection; Palmerston North; Tamaranui Canoe Hire HQ; MP in a canoe setting out; rapids on first day; upside down canoe in rapids on first day; placid water; falls; Whakahoro bunkroom; view from Whakahoro (note elevation gain); welcome swallow; John Coull toilets; Brooke and Claire on day 4; more canoes; me and MP at Bridge to Nowhere; sunset at John Coull Hut (with bats).


The List

Processed 25 days, which must have reduced the backlog somewhat. There are now heaps of Overland Track photos to process though. The 2021 days really should be doable in one go.

To do, all from 2021 (days):

  • Zealandia (June 12, September 9/26, November 15), Wellington Sunset (November 12), lens tests (November)

Even more pictures from 2022:

  • [May] trips 1 and 2 to Montreal (judo nationals)
  • [September] Napier (2)
  • [September] Motueka (2)
  • [November] New Plymouth (4 days with more than a few pictures)
  • [November] Radome/Red Rocks
  • [November] Remutaka overnight (2)
  • [December] Kereru (03 Dec), Zealandia (05 Dec)
  • [December] Auckland
  • [December] Wānaka Grebes (6)
  • [December] Gillepsie Circuit (4)
  • [December] Mueller Hut (2)
  • [December] Glacier iceberg kayaking
  • [December] Omarama
  • [December] Wellington NYE

And 2023:

  • [January] AMC (6)
  • [May] Montreal and NZ (4)
  • [July] Skyline
  • [August] Petrel Station (1)
  • [August] Rotorua (quick)
  • [August] Ski trip (4)
  • [September] Wellington double rainbow, Zealandia (2)
  • [September] Waterloo/Calgary/Seattle/Squamish (9)
  • [September] Taupō (3)
  • [October] Winnipeg, Scarborough and Sydney (3)
  • [November] Whitireia Park (1)
  • [November] Puke Ariki Traverse (1)
  • [November/December] Ouvea, Noumea Zoo, Riviere Bleue, Aquarium, Grandes Fougeres, Pic Malawi (6)
  • [December] Seattle, Montreal, Nelson (4)
  • Various (5)


  • Various (3)
  • [January] Nelson (2)
  • [January] Sydney (1)
  • [February] Travers-Sabine (7)
  • [March] Vancouver and Edmonton (1)
  • [April/May] Overland Track (9)