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COVID infodump, March 2023

We have in fact been learning more about COVID recently, though it feels not as fast as in March 2020.

Leaving Aotearoa Part II: AKL-LAX, Los Angeles, and back on Air Canada to Montreal

Part II: from Auckland to Montreal (and Kitchener). Plus, how did we get here? Looking back at 2019.

Leaving Aotearoa Part I: WLG to AKL and on to NZ6

Ma te wa—see you later, New Zealand. First half of my trip from Wellington to Montreal, covering travel from Wellington to Auckland and onto the plane to Los Angeles.

Travel during COVID times: NZ to Canada

Argh! How to get the necessary COVID tests to enter the US and Canada.

Munging Global COVID stats

Previously (NZ stats); banner image from US CDC: It hasn’t been discussed in either the Canadian or NZ news from what I can see, but I’m vaguely aware that some countries are having a legit resurgence. I understand that people who are more closely connected to European countries have been talking about it more. Quebec is worrying about one but the Canada-wide numbers are still better than many European countries.