Patrick Lam

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First month in Wellington

Sabbaticals are a large block of unscheduled time. Time always passes. Have I done stuff in my time in Wellington so far? Professional I’ve started a number of collaborations with colleagues in Wellington, and am thinking of a survey paper and an essay in particular. I’m excited about contributing to these projects. I hope to have more to report in my February update. In other news I have a climbing-related submission to the Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism (sadly an Elsevier journal) which got a revise-and-resubmit.

January 2020 Reflections

Bryan Cantrill (of dtrace fame) writes about engineering performance management. He suggests the following five questions for engineers to answer twice a year. What are you most proud of in the last six months? What did you learn? Where did you struggle? What are you anxious about in the coming six months? What are you excited about in the coming six months? Most proud of Having recently removed the se-director email from my Thunderbird, I realized that this role consumed a lot of time and energy.

2019 retrospective

New year, new website! I hope to start breaking out of Associate Professor Purgatory in 2020 and what I’ve accomplished in 2019 will lay the groundwork for that. Professional I completed my 3 year 4 month term as SE Director. It’s been rewarding but work/work balance means that I’ve had less time to spend on research. SE Director I was thrilled that my students successfully nominated me for the Friend of EngSoc award.