Patrick Lam

Thoughts and travels of Patrick Lam

October: NSERC Discovery Grant writing, and refereeing in Canada

Mostly working on a NSERC Discovery Grant application and travelling to referee in Winnipeg and Scarborough, with a stop in Waterloo.

September: 'back to school' and yet more trips

I’m starting to write this with 4 days of September left. This month has also flown by. Well, I did fly to Canada, which took a bunch of days. Have been back in Wellington for a week and a bit. Also two weekend trips in September: camping on Matiu/Somes Island and a trip that was meant to be mountaineering but diverted to Taupō due to the weather. I just updated my Common CV (boo!

August: more trips

Lots of trips, not much work. August is OK to be a quiet month. August outdoors activities in NZ need to be winter-ish, i.e. you have to be aware of avalanches (or someone does; we went to ski resorts).

July: some small trips

Another usual non-teaching term month, with trips to Auckland, Turoa, and Wye Creek (Queenstown). New activity: ice climbing (to be used in the mountains). Paper submission and jury duty.

June: back to normal non-teaching term, writing paper after paper

A quieter month all around. Short visit to Gold Coast for Australian nationals, and just working on papers.