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Book review: Can't Get There from Here: New Zealand Passenger Rail Since 1920, by André Brett, maps by Sam van der Weerden

A good (though detailed) read about the sad history of NZ passenger rail, with advocacy for a better future.

November: winter is coming

Whirlwind Canada tour, where I refereed judo tournaments, served on PhD committees, met up with a ton of people, and did not get COVID. Lots of service, some research, and ignoring teaching. Failed to hike the Round-the-Mountain Circuit around Taranaki due to rain.

October: midway through Fall term

More research, two multi-day hikes, and a judo tournament. Like a middle of a non-teaching term.

September: more research, some trips

Normal month in a non-teaching term. Making progress with research. Executing and planning trips, though not far afield (South Island).

August: staying in Canada longer than expected, for good reasons

Was going to go to NZ on August 6 but finally went on August 21, after a judo grading. I hope that I’ve finished everything for Spring term teaching now finally, and can get back to research (and seeing more of NZ).