Patrick Lam

Thoughts and travels of Patrick Lam

November: last month in New Zealand

All things must come to an end. Last month in New Zealand, with one small trip around Timaru and Mount Cook that I’d had my eye on for a while. It was a rewarding last month in New Zealand. Ma te wa.

October: Suppression in Auckland, elimination elsewhere in NZ

Waiting for the other shoe to drop and hoping that it doesn’t drop before vaccination rates are high enough.

September: Delta's Still Here (mostly in Auckland)

Outside of Auckland, life is almost normal (for now). Busy writing papers and travelling, as well as contributing to teaching a lab course.

August: Here's Delta

The 1pm show starring Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Dr. Ashley Bloomfield is back. Really we could do without, but here we are.

July: to the Realm

This month’s highlights: three trips, including one outside of New Zealand; ten new restaurants; normal non-teaching term month.