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An excellent opportunity to add to the walked-to-airports list! I’d meant to walk to NSN last July, but we actually only flew into that airport after the Heaphy; our flight to the start of the track was replaced by a van ride. Here’s my chance!

Optimal travel from Montreal to Waterloo

The plan was to leave our stuff at our friends’ place in Toronto, go to Montreal and the Eastern Townships for the holidays, leave our car at my parents’ place, and then get back to Waterloo, clean the house and execute last-minute tasks, and then get back to Toronto, pick up our 5 checked bags and bring them all to the airport. Let’s talk about getting from Montreal (well, Brossard) to Waterloo on December 28.

Travel options from Waterloo

2019 Travel options to/from Waterloo A lot has changed from the last time I wrote this in 2008. The options for getting to Toronto and Pearson are much better. I went to BUF a few times a while ago but now there aren’t good Star Alliance options from BUF and they’re not that much cheaper, so I haven’t done it for a while. Here are various options for carless transportation from Waterloo in 2019.

Biking to Amqui

Link to image gallery All the pictures! April 4: GO Bus fail My initial plan was to take the GO Bus to Toronto on Wednesday evening. All I managed to do was to wait for the 25 for 15 minutes. I lost patience and leveraged the fact that I had a bike to go to the Kitchener Charles stop, where I waited for the 30 for another 15 minutes. Weather: -2C with 40km/h wind.

Travel options from Waterloo

Travel options from Waterloo I’ve tried to figure out various options for carless transportation from Waterloo. Here’s what I’ve discovered. To Pearson Airport Airways Transit option 1, door-to-door: 1.5hr, $80 for one direction. You have to wait for everyone to get on and off. They do tend to drive at reasonable highway speed. Airways Transit option 2, Airporter: 2 hours from the UW Student Life Centre, limited schedules (departs 6am, 10:45am, 1:00pm, 3:30pm; returns 8:15am, 1:30pm, 3:15pm, 6:13pm) and even less on weekends.