Get Natural Sunlight!

Posted by Patrick Lam on Monday, March 16, 2020

I was thinking of this tip even before things got exciting, but it applies even better now in these times of social distancing.

This week’s tip: get natural sunlight!

It’s easy to be a nocturnal Software Engineering student. I don’t recommend it. As human beings, we do benefit from exposure to natural sunlight and the resulting Vitamin D. In Spring in the northern hemisphere, the associated extended daylight hours would normally be making it easier to do this. Even now, though, regularly taking outdoor walks with your family should be a safe and healthy activity. It’ll help with cabin fever and is a welcome change of pace.

Below: a good illustration of my note from two weeks ago “ you also have to descend”. We are above Lake Alta (aka Dimrill Dale in Lord of the Rings) having finished the roped-up part of the descent at sunset. There were, however, 3 more hours of walking, including 2 on moraine (rocks on steep slopes).

Sunset at Double Cone